DMT...The molecule of God??

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Simple and concise … #DMT in various forms: may it be #ayahuasca, #bufo alvarius, #tepezcohuite … You will probably have heard of the properties of this powerful #entheogen, which is not a drug. The difference: DMT as I say is a entheogen … not an alkaloid, which does not generate addiction as the body does not develop tolerance.

And the effects? Well you have to go down there and experience them. I personally have always been of the believe of trying to give an opinion, being said this I do not want to incite consumption of anything. It is part of a personal evolution of each of us. Of those who feel the call to the awakening of the conscience … or that are attracted by the curiosity, end up finding out that there are many interior things within ourselves, in the sewage of the subconscious that need to be healed.

Personally I have tried the three formulas mentioned above. The first time, I “uncorked” myself with ayahuasca: a spectacular experience, in a beautiful farmhouse near Barcelona. With powerful energy. After the customary puke. I started to “feel” music like never before. Forget about any experience lived with #LSD or #Marihuana, or … it all melded into the first notes of #PinkFloyd’s “Shine on your crazy Diamond” (I’ll never forget it). From there, my brain was extracting thoughts and analyzing significant moments in my life, those that should have marked me in some way. These ideas and thoughts were being analyzed as if they were going through a computer: interesting or necessary ones, they were stored apart from the inconsequential, which were stored in the “trash”. From there I noticed as if “something” ran my body, honestly, it was like a little elf doing mechanical tasks (or better healing :-)). This experience lasted an entire night and I continued to have visions of fractals for another hour.

The next weekend that I experienced with ayahuasca was smoother in its effects … some more visual … but over all I continued in the serch and find of myself and of how I am truly inside. Yes, let’s say it’s an introspective trip where I could see my demons and where they start my bad acts and thoughts (which I undoubtedly have). I could clearly feel the energy of the group and felt how our facilitating shaman was integrated into the experiences of each one of us.

With bufo alvarius (it is a toad with venomous glands in its neck, natural of the desert of Sonora, which is in its majority in the state of the same name in #Mexico and southern #California and Arizona in the USA) I also had two very different experiences. This poison is supplied in a kind of paste, which is heated in a glass pipe. It heats up and follows its smoke of a strong acidic smell. The first time, I just continued to smoke, until I ended up losing consciousness … I felt a kind of flash and then I woke up with the drunkenness of the “journey”: greater perception of images, sounds and forms, difficulty walking and sensation of Immense power.

The second experience, very recently was accompanied by two strong snuff of rape+ dmt taken through the nose, blown with a pipe. It is done to open the airways and the channels of access to our interior (symbolically said). Once I finished smoking, I lost consciousness again … and began a maelstrom of sensations and images with an unbearable intensity. A real nightmare in which you do not stop screaming in horror and wallow on the ground. Yes, it is a struggle with our inner darker being. An experience of just 5 minutes which is a considerable energy burn. Awakening, it is a relief, in a first phase, when you recover the consciousness could continue to feel fractals of colors to the rhythm of my breathing. You are left with a sense of having released a burden, unlocked some feeling or having said goodbye to some trauma.

Finally, Tepezcohuite. My last contact with DMT, although it was taken the day before the second bufo alvarius experience. It did not manage to be as spectacular as ayahuasca or bufo. Once I smoked the pipe, I noticed a sense of distortion of the still conscious reality (very similar to the dreaded and powerful Salvia Divinorum, experience of which I will speak soon). I was about to lose consciousness when entering “another dimension” but did not go from seeing colorful fractals and being able to feel the music that came out of the blows in Tibetan bowls. Again distortion of reality: more vivid and intense colors, greater acoustic sensitivity and also greater perception of detail.

This is my humble experience with DMT, and I hope to be able to continue evolving soon. I also do not discard a trip to the south of Mexico or to the #jungle of #Colombia to experience it in its essence … as it happens with the Asturian cider, that tastes worse when passing the Port Pajares.

DMT visions

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