Ayahuasca ceremony

A master #plant diet is about deepening your connection to nature and yourself. Each day you drink one of the #indigenous plants of #Amazon chosen for you by us. Day by day you connect to the spirit of the plant as she works on you awake and in your #dreams. Master plant dietas are not for tourists. They are for people who want to make real #changes in their life and work both in their shadows and in their #light. The #spirit of the mermaid is called upon in the #ceremony. She is the water element and she enables us to flow through the #medicine with #grace and #elegance. Her #mystical nature and feminine spirit hold us between this #reality and the other #dimensions. Dont forget that you are just a few clicks away from knowing more about ayahuasca retreats entheogens and how they can impact your life. The Jungle Kitchen https://darega035.wixsite.com/junglekitchen?lang

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