LIVE: a rat race or a personal path

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

I think its drummed into us from a very young age that life is a race. A race to finnish high school, a race to get into college and finnish a degree. Then find a partner, get a safe #job, choose a house (obviously with it´s mortgage), have kids, pay taxes and have a happy #death… If it is then I lost years ago. I wasn´t part of that rat race. I never sweat blood to finish my studies, never went to #university, but I am doing pretty well in life and never was broke, I always have enough money to fulfill my dreams…and go along with what I had. I thank my parents to teach me to appreciate what you have and not to crave for fashion stuff and brand names…now I don´t need to work extra to please others expectations.

I have lived in 2 different countries and over 5 different cities. Never found easy to settle, once you are bitten by the #travel bug and willing to unfold to the best versión of you…there is no cure, there is not fixed formula that soothes it all….I still have some #regrets, as we live and learn…would I change something from the past? Of course I would! But over all I would repeat most of the things I did. I thank #ayahuasca to help make peace with my past and #forgive and understand those that crossed my life and hurt me.

Sometimes in #life we become so focused on the finnishline that we fail to see the importance of the #journey we have lived. I have travel extensively…I visited over 63 countries spread through 5 continents. I made the effor to learn 3 languages that I can manage at different degrees and another couple that I don´t speak but I do understand. Pretty clearly that makes a “citizen of the world” 😊 Each failure a stepping stone to success even when it feels like we are climbing over mountains and falling back down the other side. One of my passions is to be out in the open, out in the nature…and nothing can beat the feeling of being in the mountains. Trecking reminded me that even though it seems like your constantly climbing up and back down again you are steadily assending to the summit. That even the most difficult of roads end up leading to the most beautiful destinations (and the most stunning views) because one thing is clear: if you lived a happy life and you were true to yourself, you will look back at your memories and you will live you life again as you recall it, should it be full of regrets and #remorsals…you will like to forget it. The #choise is yours….

Why not give a chance to grandma(abuelita) #ayahuasca or grandpa(abuelito) #bufoalvarius to discover other sides in life? Do you think a nice experience with #DMT or #changa will help you overcome your fears and be more empathetic? Do you know that there are people who changed their destiny after an intense experience with #psilocybin? Come to #junglekitchen we are waiting for you with open arms!

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