The effects of #microdosing part II

I like to try different stuff and prove how they make me feel. And I’ve been pretty open to psycodellics to be honest. But there’s a lot to process. Microdosing #LSD isn’t like drinking a coffee or smoking #cigarrettes. The experience is much more complicated than taking your regular stimulant. #Psychedelics don’t just give you a temporary trip, no matter how suple or strong the high. Insights from micro and regular doses can be integrated into daily routine with intentional analysis and reflection. Nonetheless what results even more interesting is that the mentioned substances seem to change the brain over time in a physical. Especially if taken on a regular basis.

And after several doses, I can clearly state: microdosing hasn’t just lifted my mental state, it has also impactied the way I relate to myself, other #people, and the environment. In significant ways.

The most relevant change I noticed is a way back to the most elementary forms of happiness, awe and joy. As anyone who goes between emotional ups and downs, microdosing has uplifted and balanced my general mood and conception of everyday life. It’s easier to look up and out, and feel positive. Instead of an escape or release, microdosing is just the opposite. It’s a direct tackle with everything in life. No more avoidance. No more hiding. No more procastination.

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