The Jungle Kitchen Ayahuasca Retreats

At the Jungle Kitchen, we aim to ensure a high ratio of #healers to guests, so that each guest is given the close and personalized attention that they deserve in each #ceremony and throughout their #healingprocess. We are specialized in small groups and one to one ceremonies.

Once we reach the highest peak or whatever #goal we are striving for we have to ask ourself what’s next. How can we continue to #rise?  To continue to rise and expand we must let go of what others think about us and continue on our path of selfless service. When our prayers are strong and our #intention is clear, others will feel the #energy and we can contribute to their healing allowing them to reach their highest potential as well.

Gaze into the depths of your #subconscious #mind

Our retreats in 2019 are booking up fast, so if you’re looking to come this year, check our #schedule soon through the link in our BIO, or email us if you have questions. 💚 Make the most of your life with #counciousness. Visit:

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