The mental and metaphysical effects of #microdosing LSD

I’ve taken #LSD about 50 times in the past six months. Most doses were small. Small enough that they’ve merely lifted my mood. But somehow every time still feels like brand new.

These regular doses have significantly improved my life and shaped my #perception. It seems my brain has been especially malleable these past few months. I’ve been able to untangle the knots of thought that blacken my reality and made everything a little darker.

We still don’t know what microdosing does to the brain over time. However new research is beginning to reveil the effects of LSD in the brain functions: It interrupts your regularly scheduled programming. Reshapes networks of the brain, making way for new channels and connections. Therefore previously segregated regions of the #brain begin communicating. Illuminating corridors and doors you never knew existed.

There are also hypotheses around that #psychedelics can reroute neural pathways, which could replace outdated pharmacology for #depression, and perhaps even contribute to some sort of #neurogenesis. The questions are open.

And while I have been eagerly awaiting more research in psychedelics, better information for harm reduction and sane legislation , I couldn’t wait to try microdosing.

I always liked psychedelics based on past experiences and then decided to start James Fadiman’s dosing regimen. One day on, three days off. I normally take 10–20 mcg, but some people take as little as 3 mcg per dos

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